The Investment Process

Working with our team at Portfolio Advisory Council is like working with a personal coach who focuses on your specific needs. We’ll review your strengths and weaknesses, and then together we’ll come up with a plan to make sure you have a solid foundation for your future.

We are committed to meeting our client’s financial objectives, whether it is an individual retirement account, company retirement plan, family trust or individual asset management program.

Choosing an independent investment firm like Portfolio Advisory Council has many advantages. We’re not restricted by products or quotas. Our flexibility allows us to design every portfolio to meet the specific needs of each individual investor. No two investors are alike and no two portfolios should be alike.

Our objective is to obtain above average long-term investment results with acceptable market risk. We begin by selecting investment managers who are in the top quartile of managers in their given peer group. Individual portfolios are constructed to seek each client’s investment objective, risk tolerance and income need from a broad array of groups. This asset allocation process is the key to success. Our team utilizes numerous research sources and a combination of hedging techniques, option strategies and innovative methods to build portfolios that consider both the client’s objectives and current economic conditions. We’re always looking for opportunities and will use a combination of stocks, bonds, ETFs, REIT, convertible bonds, mutual funds and options. Plus, we’re not afraid to hold cash.

Portfolio managers are monitored regularly. If a Portfolio manager cannot maintain top quartile or near top quartile performance for two consecutive quarters, he is subject to replacement. Ben Franklin once said, "When someone tells you the great things he will do tomorrow, ask him what he did yesterday." While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, it is one factor when selecting a portfolio of qualified investment managers.

Portfolio Advisory Council can help you navigate the ever-changing market tides and currents. A successful investment program is a voyage, not a destination.