Our Services

Portfolio Advisory Council can help you in all aspects of your financial life.

Whether you are retired, saving for retirement or a business owner, we can bring clarity to your financial plan. Successful accumulation and preservation of wealth requires efficient tax management; PAC helps clients minimize taxes by utilizing leading edge retirement plan designs and other tax advantaged strategies.

We’ve divided our services into three primary areas; however, if you don’t see something you need, please give us a call to discuss it.

Investment Management

Our investment management includes a broad scope of choices including stocks, bonds, trusts, mutual funds and cash. We monitor your investments daily and adjust as needed. Because we’re independent advisors, we can offer a wider variety of choices.

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IRA Rollover Specialists

Over your lifespan, there will be many times when you’ll need to modify your investment plan. Job changes, marriage, divorce, retirement and death will all require you to re-look at your financial assets. During these times of transition, we’ll help you readjust your assets and assist you in avoiding taxes and penalties.

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Employer Retirement Plans

When evaluating the right retirement plan for your company, you’ll need to consider several factors. At PAC, we will review the positives and negatives of each plan and help you pick the plan that is best for not only the employees but more importantly the employer.

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